2010 NBA Finals

Hey, look, the Celtics and Lakers are playing each other in the Finals again! Fan-fuckin’-tastic.

I was pretty tentative about the Celtic’s chances in ’08 against this same franchise, but I guess everyone really was. Now? Have even less of an idea of how it’s going to go, but it will most likely come down to injuries. On the Celtic’s side, Rondo, Wallace and Daniels are all at various levels of hurtiness; Rondo’s supposedly at about 60%, Wallace’s back is even worse and Daniels isn’t going to play at all. Those taken together shouldn’t mess with the Celtic’s chances too much, as Wallace isn’t a huge key to this series and ’10 Rondo at 60% is still better than ’08 Rondo at 110%.

The real key for the Celtics should come down to KG and his 60 year old knees. I’m not sure of how the matchups are going to fall, but if he ends up on Gasol again and can somehow shut him down I think the Celts should win the series in no more than six games. If he’s still gimpy? Toss-up either way.

Celts should also be able to clean up with Perkins. When he’s been in the Celts have been at their best, so as long as he can avoid another technical he should be able to dominate a limping Bynum.

Official prediction? Celtics in six.


2 Responses to “2010 NBA Finals”

  1. daniel coventry Says:

    AWESOME PHOTO LINK! Where did you get it?
    additionally big bay is injured too her got a concussion but luckily no one at all cares about his future mental state since his current one is already too far out there.

  2. Oh yeah, that dumb motherfucker doesn’t need his head for anything. Daniel’s is out for the goddamn playoffs, Baby misses the rest of a game. Really tells you a lot about them.

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