Fuck you Lady Gaga

She’s done it. She’s made a liar out of me. Here’s how.

I loved the song “Just Dance.” That faux-trannie really got me with that first song, it was even my wake-up alarm for over a year. Didn’t see her having any staying power after it though, she seemed like the prototypical one-hit wonder act. Then “Poker Face” came out and it was a bigger goddamn hit than the first song. Ain’t no thang, I still thought she was done after that. Even Tone Loc had two hits.

Thought she was finally done with “LoveGame.” Goddamn do I hate that song. Didn’t chart as well as the last two, thought she was finally done. “Paparazzi” wasn’t too similar to her other stuff, still was a Top 10 song. I’m looking a bit worse now, but hey, maybe she just had one good album.

Then, it started. The first time I heard the opening hook of “Bad Romance” I wanted to murder everyone around me and whoever was responsible for the song. It was literally the most annoying part of any song I’d ever heard on the radio. But, for some strange reason, within a goddamn week I didn’t mind it and within two I think I actually liked it. Fuckin’ Gaga. Same thing happened with her next song, “Telephone.” Thought it sucked, eventually came around to it. Guess I should’ve known better. Turned out I didn’t.

Definitively proclaimed that I didn’t think I’d ever really like “Alejandro” the first time I heard it. Fast forward two weeks and I once again think I sort of like it. (Edit – Fast forward another day, and I think I actually really like it. Goddammit.) Gaga has made a fool out of me too many times and I don’t appreciate it. Fuck you Lady Gaga.

Oh, and fuck you for turning everyone else into you. This video, along with this one definitely wouldn’t have happened without that bitch. Ugh.


3 Responses to “Fuck you Lady Gaga”

  1. oh come on how does this not make the cut?!

  2. daniel coventry Says:

    maybe next time i should post the website in the body of the text

  3. It’s a retardedly long post about Lady Gaga that I still had to cut down a bunch. But yeah, that video’s probably a big reason why “Telephone” stopped sucking.

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