Sometimes, the world knows

Last week, I needed to find somewhere quiet to conduct a phone interview. Couldn’t do it in my house; people were around and you can hear someone else from pretty much anywhere in the house. So, romantically, I decided to park in a local church’s parking lot overlooking a lake. Seemed quaint enough. Got there a bit early though, so I had a good ten minutes to kill before the interview was scheduled to start. Decided to sit and listen to the radio. A minute or two before it was to begin, a truck pulls up next to me, stereo blasting some Van Halen or something equally shitty. It was hot as balls out (~90 degrees F), so I had to keep my windows down. Didn’t feel like moving my car – I was going to wait him out, hope he left before I got a call.

I go back to watching the lake, listening to my own music. Two seconds later, I’m startled by someone poking their head through my passenger’s side window.

Hey man,” he says, “you seen any little girls around here?”

Panicked, I reply quickly, “Uh, um no, I wasn’t looking for them or anything. Wasn’t even paying attention, I swear.

He leaves, thinking nothing of it as I quietly chuckle to myself and hope to God he was one of their fathers.


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