Fuck the new Karate Kid

No, this isn’t a rehash of this awesome post. It’s about the new movie and how it’s already a sack of bullshit.

It’d be too easy change the name of the movie from The Karate Kid to The Kung Fu Kid. Still reminiscent of the original film, but not COMPLETELY FUCKING INACCURATE. Karate is from Japan, Kung Fu is from China. I have a limited knowledge of martial arts (two intro karate classes didn’t teach me much), but I have the feeling they’re different things. And it’s not like they’re trying to hide this from us – in the trailer Jackie Chan explicitly says he’ll teach the kid “real Kung Fu” (~54 second mark), so it’s pretty clear that he isn’t going to be learning karate.

My next idea for a movie? A Dodgeball-esque story about a ragtag group of teens that come together to form a world champion netball team. Working title? Basketball Playing Team.


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