More phone interview fun!

My most recent phone interview went pretty well. The first? Not so much.

Back in January I had a phone interview with Teach For America for a position I was actually interested in taking. Unfortunately, I almost immediately ruined my chances to move forward.

The interviewer decided to start off our conversation by asking about where I wanted to teach and why. I preferred Boston – my family is there, I like it there, blah blah. Regarding Boston, she says that two of the four school systems TFA is affiliated with (Chelsea and Revere) are already mostly booked up. Having the ethnic breakdown of those districts in front of me while she says this, I quickly respond with, “Oh, well that makes sense.” Now, looking at that breakdown you’ll see that the two unfilled districts happen to have the highest percentage of African-American students, which is why I said what I did. The comment is greeted with a bit of an awkward silence, until she presses me further as to why that would be. I can only stutter and try to bullshit that they’d probably fill up quicker because more people live there – which is completely untrue. She knew that and made it a point to tell me as such in a fairly demeaning tone.

I continued to stutter and make an ass out of myself for the remainder of the ten minute interview, a trivial process at best. Unsurprisingly, I was not chosen to move on to the next step of the application process for TFA, but at least I now know that I need to cut back on my passively-racist humor in formal situations.


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