Giant Workout/Diet Post

This is an account of my weight over the past year. I’d like to apologize for it in advance, this is basically just a diary entry I’m posting online.

I never really got that fat. I’d bet three quarters of Americans would call me an asshole for thinking I was (and I know one person in particular definitely would), but seeing my stomach jiggle just a little bit makes me want to starve myself. But my BMI is still over 25, so retarded methods of measuring obesity still say I am.
I’ve always been a bit unhappy with my weight, aside from a week or two in eighth grade. I’ve never looked like Dr. Manhattan, therefore I’ve always been fat. Just the way I think. Aside from playing a bunch of sports in high school I never really tried to do anything about it – I always just assumed I’d lose the weight because I was practicing a lot, didn’t matter what I ate. Took me until my junior year of college until I finally understood that what I’m eating has a much bigger effect on my weight than my activity level. Learned that about 3,500 calories makes up a pound of fat and that I only need about 2,500 calories a day to maintain my weight. Using that, I decided to actually try and start losing weight in about mid-May of last year. I hit about 190 pounds at my heaviest; ideally I wanted to get down to around 165 lbs.

Initially I was eating next to nothing – I’d eat three meals a day, but cumulatively they’d total less than 1,000 calories a day. I’d be pretty hungry, but chuggin’ some water or chewing and spitting (a fairly dangerous practice, but I managed it well) usually satiated me long enough until my next meal. During this I lifted pretty haphazardly (I pretty much did the same upper-body workout every day) but finally added some cardio to my routine. Usually it was about a half an hour on the treadmill, maybe another half an hour on the elliptical. Because of this, I’d assume I was almost burning more calories working out than I was taking in from food. Thankfully, weight came off quick. Kept that up for about a month until I scaled back my cardio and started eating more. Kept most of that weight off and stayed around 165 lbs until I went back to school in late August, where I decided to just eat as much as I wanted. I had started swimming competitively again this year, so I was just hoping I’d burn enough in those workouts to keep the weight off. It slowly came back, but I never got much heavier than 170 lbs so I was happy.

But once swimming ended, I didn’t really want to stop eating. Starting gaining weight back pretty noticeably, as just lifting three times a week wouldn’t keep it off. Made the decision that I only had a month or two of school left and I’d let myself go. That was enjoyable, but left me with some work to do. I got back up to about 180 lbs, so I had about fifteen pounds to lose.

I finally started working out and dieting again about two and a half weeks ago. Same caloric intake, but this time I’ve never really been hungry. I want to eat, but it’s coming more from my mouth than my stomach. Weird feeling. I also fixed my lifting – I’m alternating days between upper and lower body, which is much more effective over the long run. Also changed up my cardio – I don’t really care to run a bunch of dumbass miles on a treadmill or elliptical anymore. Since I have nothing but time, I’ve started to walk a lot – still burns the same amount of calories and it’s a hell of a lot easier. Also mixed in some swimming and outdoor running, just to avoid boredom.

Surprisingly, I don’t think I’ve lost a single goddamn pound after almost three weeks. Luckily, I don’t care. I look a hell of a lot less fat, so I’m assuming I’m just turning some fat into muscle. A bit frustrating at the outset, but that’s just because I didn’t know I was actually doing anything positive. I’m assuming I’m not just dropping weight this time is because my legs aren’t atrophying like last year, instead actually gaining some mass. I’ll take it.

Hopefully, I can keep this up until I actually get a job somewhere. Dr. Manhattan, here I come. I’ll probably post a few more times about how everything’s going, good or bad.


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