New Gym Game

Thanks to having absolutely nothing to do for the last three weeks, I’ve spent a retarded amount of time at the gym. While there, I’ve noticed a preponderance of dudes wearing skin-tight UnderArmour-type shirts. This can be for no reason other than to show themselves off. It’s also just super gay. To combat this, I devised a new game. Whenever I see one of these folks, I’m going to go up to them and say something similar to “That shirt looks great on you,” and wink. This should hopefully get people to wear more loose fitting attire through the fear of being ogled by me. Risks to my face and gym membership be damned, I’mma do this.


4 Responses to “New Gym Game”

  1. daniel coventry Says:

    i see this only working out for me…your only reader.

  2. daniel coventry Says:

    this also gives me motivation to never go to the gym.

  3. There’s a particular gym in Atlanta where this type of experiment would have backfired massively.

  4. […] Game Update Been over a month since I introduced my new gym game, it’s worth an update. The count is up to a pathetic seven people. I assume most members at […]

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