The Death of Collegiate Sports

By now, I’m sure anyone that follows sports has heard about a dozen or so conference realignment scenarios. If not, read a bit about it here.

Seemingly, the most likely scenario at this point is the Pac 10 and Big Ten expanding to 16 teams, directly killing the Big 12 and most likely killing the Big East along with it. This is all entirely motivated by football, which still has room to grow and bring in more money. No other collegiate sport offers this lucrative opportunity, which is why they’re all getting thrown by the wayside. Sure, basketball will sort itself out, along with a few other growing sports like baseball and lacrosse. But the Olympic sports? I don’t see any way how this won’t really, really screw them up. Teams are already getting cut across the country at alarming rates, there’s no way that expanding conferences so that they geographically span nearly halfway across the country could help them. Most likely, athletic departments will see the increased cost this puts on the travel expenses for these teams and just start axing them. Most ADs don’t care too much about any non-revenue sport anyway, so this’ll just give ’em a better excuse to get rid of the teams that do nothing for them but lower their profits.

It’s unfortunate, but that’s just the way this looks like it’ll go. The major schools will still survive, but smaller players in niche sports like swimming and track probably won’t be able to stick around. Really sucks.

And oh yeah, fuck USC.


One Response to “The Death of Collegiate Sports”

  1. daniel coventry Says:

    who cares about swim teams and shit like that i mean you cant even call the kids who compete in them athletes

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