Guess I sorta forgot about this thing, huh? Since that last barrage of posts I’ve had both a week of no inspiration (read: lazy) and a week of mini-vacation, spent in Syracuse and the Dirttay Jerz. And no, it wasn’t down the shore. Though that would’ve been fantastic. Really wanna experience that greasy, greasy place before the Guidos go extinct due to rampant melanomas.

I currently have ideas for at least six, count ’em six posts! Probably won’t post ’em all bukkake-style though, I might actually try to space them out. To increase pageviews. I never said I wasn’t a whore.

But in the meantime, let’s party it up.

Less than a month!


One Response to “Whoopsie”

  1. daniel coventry Says:

    no me gusta.

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