Mmm, first day

That whole job thing started today. Surprisingly, it turned out a bit more interesting that I’d expected. Which doesn’t make it very interesting, but hey, ahead of expectations.

Most noteworthy was my flatulence. Or, due to a terrible decision, the lack of it. Because first impressions are oh so important, and because my cubicle thingy was located right outside both my boss’s office and the lunchroom, I thought it best to contain myself. Doing this for two and a half hours, I started to feel a bit cramped. No one’s been by in a while, might as well relieve some pressure. Ten seconds after evacuation, the head of the engineering team swings in to introduce herself. Delightful. This is made all the more awkward due to a misinterpretation of the name “Steph.” The secretary believing it shorthand for “Stephen,” I was made the wrongful recipient of her free lunch a half an hour earlier. Definitely the best way to introduce oneself, with a cubicle smelling of fart and a stolen turkey sandwich.

Oh, and I almost got driven over by a chick in a Toyota 4Runner on my way in. I had forgotten, cars making left turns at intersections have the right of way. Silly me. And I drive a glorified green go-cart; it wouldn’t have been pretty. Won’t be taking that route in tomorrow morning.

Once I’d successfully arrived, I sat in on a ninety minute overview meeting (that went right over my retarded little head) and spent the rest of the day reading a ridiculously detailed outline of the entire company-wide project. Three times. Yeehaw.

But yeah, sorry about the abundance of work posts. Other ideas are abrewin’, might even go up while I’m working tomorrow!

And somebody clicked a facebook link to this place an impressive four times. I don’t even check this place four times in a day. But don’t let that dissuade you, I live on pageviews.


One Response to “Mmm, first day”

  1. OMG I’ll refresh this page a few times to up your view count. Does it work that way? Super lolworthy first day. Especially the turkey sandwich and related elements.

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