Posting Schedule

OK, so that whole posting a ton last week thing – didn’t really work out. Didn’t anticipate that being a workin’ man was gonna tire me out so much. Having to drive home through an assload of traffic doesn’t really make me wanna hammer out some blog posts. So to my three dedicated readers, I apologize.

Buuuuuuut it’s not all bad news and *frownyfaces* – there’s some good news! I should be able to throw up a post most weekdays around noon. I’m going to try and hold myself to this, so somebody start talkin’ shit if I don’t keep up. I need to be held accountable or I’ll just lazy myself out. And feel free to comment with posting ideas / critiques, I’ll totally not freak out. Probably.

Something might get up tonight, but no guarantees I don’t fall asleep.


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