I don’t think I’ve been this hyped up for a movie since Chris Nolan’s last film. (If you don’t know what movie that was, stop reading this page right now because I’m insulted.)

I’ve purposefully not learned much about it, but what I do know is the film deals with entering people’s dreams and extracting information. It used as little CGI as possible and is ridiculously complex. Basically Memento, but made with 50x more money. If that doesn’t sound awesome to you, I don’t think we can be friends.

Why else am I so pumped about this movie? The poster’s a bit reminiscent of something…

Even the embed image from this teaser pulls from TDK:

I’m hoping to see it in IMAX as soon as it comes out, even though it wasn’t filmed using any IMAX cameras. I’m probably going to go alone. Because, according to the stipulation I made above, I have no friends.


7 Responses to “Inception”

  1. Memento was terrible.

  2. I stopped reading after the first paragraph, per the instructions. Before scrolling all the way to the bottom over some shit with a bat and a disturbed looking dude in a purple suit, my eyes alit on a fragment that said “we can’t be friends.”


    Semi-related: I have a tdk song on my movie soundtrack playlist and it’s awesome. It makes me feel like I could fell a redwood tree just by ninja kicking it.

    So if inception has a decent soundtrack I’ll like it.

    • You didn’t know that? Gahh.

      If you’re just cherry-picking sections, it says “we can be friends.” But the feeling’s mutual, as I’m no longer a fellow sweaty kid. HARUMPH.

      Which song? I used to listen to the whole thing when I’d study / masturbate. Really helped me focus.

      I expect the Inception soundtrack to be full of nothing but loud, dramatic horn sounds. BRAAAAAHM. It’s all I’ve really learned from the trailers.

      Also, soundtracks reminded me of a post I wanted to write. Inspriation, sa-weet.

  3. You’re still a Sweaty Kid in spirit. But I didn’t think my family members would quite… understand… your blog…. in the event that they clicked on it.

    Cost of doing business, baby.

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