MLB All Star Rosters, Revised

This fancy little screen-cap below shows what baseball’s AS rosters should have been. Tried to keep the player breakdown similar to the roster that was actually chosen, but didn’t adhere to the “every team needs a representative” rule. Also, that might not be completely up-to-date. I made it last week.

 Alternate Text

Fancy, no?

Bolded are those that actually made the team. I’ll be back this afternoon for some deeper analysis. For now, try to think of errors in my roster. But don’t think too long, there aren’t any.

Moooooooore analysis!!

My version was decided pretty easily. Go down this list and fill in a team. Followed along with the breakdown of players picked for the actual team.

Though I do kinda want to change my relievers. They now are, for the AL: Keep Soriano and replace the rest with Daniel Bard, Joakim Soria and Jose Valverde. NL stays the same. Used this list for the relievers.

I’ll address the comments made on this post in the comments. Seems fair.


15 Responses to “MLB All Star Rosters, Revised”

  1. daniel coventry Says:

    why not john buck over carlos santana, he has been good but has only been up for half the season. miguel cabrera has to start over justin morneau. a-dunn should be over a-gon. longoria really should be starting over beltre. hanley definitely should start over furcal. ur a dumbass for starting ichiro over josh hamilton and looking at stats theres no way jd nancy drew should be on the all star roster over magglio or brennan boesch. carlos gonzalez should start in the nl outfield with matt kemp, who although having down number by his standards is still having a good year, and matt holliday. matt latos should be on the nl pitching staff over timmy. billy wagner probly should make the bullpen for the nl. and valverde in the al bullpen over joaquin. i think that wraps up my thoughts.

    • Based on WAR, Santana’s been better. Just a plus that he’s only been up for half the season.

      The next three – gotta factor in defense. For the DH’s I picked I only used their hitting stats. Hanley/Furcal’s another defensive thing.

      Ichiro/Hamilton play different OF positions. Hamilton’s easily the second best AL OFer, but Crawford’s ahead of him.

      And yeah JD probably shouldn’t. But, like always, his value was good. All those bench OFers were real close. When I did it he was ahead, might not be right now.

      The NL OF was real weird. It was basically Holliday and scrubs. Real toss up there.

      Latos, tied for 13th in the NL in WAR for starters. Someone’s overvaluing their fantasy team!

      For the bullpen yeah, they’re just sorta random. All are pretty close. Though Joaquin has been awesome since he’s been up.

      • daniel coventry Says:

        i dont think that theres a shot in hell that morneau’s defense makes up for the numbers that cabrera is putting up. the outfielders arent selected by best lf, cf & rf it just the best 3 outfielders so crawford in left hamilton in center and put rios in right im sure they would be able to figure it out. latos has a sub 1 whip and sub 3 era with 100+ ip thats fucking all star worthy come on you doucher.

  2. Hey, I don’t make the stats, I just report ’em.

    And OFers should be selected that way. The reserve ones I didn’t, but for the starters I thought it made sense. They don’t start Pedroia at SS because Cano’s playing great at 2B.

    Latos also has a .243 BABIP and plays in Petco, so there’s that. His WHIP is really the only noteworthy stat and that’s exactly what BABIP keeps down.

    • More on Morneau/Cabrera: Their wOBA’s are .448 and .447. That’s close enough to settle it with defense. Morneau has been a plus defender over his career, Cabrera a negative one.

  3. daniel coventry Says:

    you need to look less into the crazy stats and more into the raw numbers that they are putting up and you and i both know those fielding stats fluctuate like crazy and you can look at just one year to see how good of a fielder someone is let alone half a season.

  4. daniel coventry Says:

    i think you shouldnt use career number for fielding cause you dont use career stats in deciding the 2010 all start team.

    • OK, let’s go through the Morneau > Cabrera decision step by step. Morneau has a higher WAR. He starts.

      But that’s not all! Since that is based a lot on really random defense, decided to look at their hitting numbers. Batting WAR and wOBA were nearly identical. K, let’s look at historical career fielding numbers now, see if that’ll confirm what the half-season of numbers are showing this year. Eureka, they do! Morneau still starts.

      Cabrera’s numbers really aren’t that much “better” than Morneau’s. Over the last month? Yeah, they are.

  5. daniel coventry Says:

    but every single one of cabrera’s numbers are better than morneau! clearly he should start.

  6. daniel coventry Says:

    additionally cabrera’s wpa is almost double morneau’s! suck it shitty blogger!

  7. daniel coventry Says:

    win probably add i believe

  8. daniel coventry Says:


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