Mike Golic, Mike Phelps and Excellent Reporting

The ESPY Award for “Best Championship Performance” was just announced during the pre-award red carpet show by Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg. Drew Brees won, (spoiler alert!) but Michael Phelps’s World Championship performance was nominated. “He won five gold medals, set four world records. Simply the best in the world.” Golic predicted he’d win, saying “He was supposed to dominate, but he dominated to a level that may not be reached for a long time. He exceeded even the expectations he had.”

Someone should remind Golic that the meet Phelps was nominated for happened in 2009, not in 2008 at the Olympics. Phelps did win five events (and swam a hell of a 100 fly), but he kinda lost in the 200 free. That wasn’t exactly part of the plan, didn’t really help him exceed his expectations.

But Golic’s daughter Sydney is a swimmer, so he’s knowledgeable. Fuckin’ hack. OK OK OK, that’s a bit harsh. But still, it’s fuckin’ Golic’s job to know stuff about sports. Should probably know stuff about them. (Oh, and I found his daughter’s twitter page checking to see if I spelt her name right. Not gonna link it, but it’s pretty easy to find. Thought it’d be worth sharing.)


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