Damn, I Guess I Should Have More Readers…

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Like, three of four posts I tried got this. You’re in the presence of greatness, people.


8 Responses to “Damn, I Guess I Should Have More Readers…”

  1. This right here is blasphemous.

    • It’s become less impressive the more I tinkered with that site. It’s the most common answer I’ve gotten for everything.

      Except for a few of my first posts. Those unedited, stream of consciousness monstrosities got compared to Stephenie Meyer. Which is a bit embarrassing, but is probably more telling of her writing than mine.

      • I’ll allow it; I put one of my longer posts from Dyestat into it, and it told me I too write like DFW. Clearly this program knows its stuff.

        Fakedit: Damnit, I put another of my long posts in it, and it gave me Dan Brown. Shit. A third sample will be necessary. I’ll use a creative paper I wrote instead of some hastily-thrown-together forum post for more accurate results.

        Results are in: I still write like the great DFW. I’ll take it. (This comment was long enough to have warranted creating my own blog.)

  2. Make one. Peer pressure peer pressure peer pressure.

    • I’m not interesting enough to make my own content; I’m much better suited to commenting on other people’s stuff. I’m not a director, I’m a critic. You know, the talentless kind.

      • I was that way, ’til like a week and a half ago. Now I’m a pill poppin’ animal bloggin’ fiend.

        New posts make me hard.

  3. I keep getting the same DFW dude, too.
    Call me uncultured (this would be accurate), but I don’t even know who he is.

    I guess the translation here is:

    “I write like junker23”

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