A Blogzone Review: Louie

I’m a fan of Louie CK. I don’t think he’s the greatest comic in the history of the world like many make him out to be, but I enjoy his stuff. Didn’t really know him when his first show, Lucky Louie came out, so I haven’t seen it. My dad thought it was good, so it could’ve either been on par with Two and a Half Men or The Royal Tenenbaums. He’s got weird taste.

Recently I’d been reading a ton about his new show, Louie. It’s also on FX, which has two other great comedies, so I decided to check it out. Absolutely hated the first episode. It started OK, but ended with both a ridiculous vehicle-sequence and a terrible stand-up bit. “It’s true, everything that makes you happy is going to end at some point, and nothing good ends well.” I’m all for depressing humor, but this was taken to such an extreme that it simply pissed me off. He used getting a puppy as an example. He actually said, “You’re bringing it home to your family saying, ‘Hey look everyone, we’re all going to cry soon. Look what I brought home, it’s us crying in a few years!’…Countdown to sorrow with a puppy!” It’s a perfect intro for a suicide note. Almost thought about giving up on the show there, but I trudged through several seasons of How I Met Your Mother. One bad episode from Louis CK wasn’t going to stop me.

Second episode was a bit better. Still ended ridiculously, but this scene was really well done. Showed promise. Third episode was also mediocre; Ricky Gervais’s doctor was also a bit too over the top. The second half of the episode, when Louis fights a friend of his over a political argument, was good – but not just because it was funny. It was a unique perspective into the relationship between two contentious friends, something I wasn’t expecting to see on the show.

Fourth episode was absolutely the best of the season so far. It opened with a conversation between Louie and a therapist that was just genius. Can’t find it online yet, but it’ll be posted on FX soon. (Will edit when it is.)

The first actual scene was just as good:

The rest of the episode stayed just as sharp, never getting overly depressing or ridiculous. If the show has more episodes like episode four I’ll be a huge fan, though if it switches back to suicide-mode I don’t think I’ll be able to keep watching. So right now, Louie gets an emphatic: meh. Shows on FX usually end up pretty good, so I’m optimistic it’ll be worth watching.

PS – Louie. Louis. Why do I say it the same way!!?!?!


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