UTR Movies: SunshineMoon

Movie time! I’ve seen three new movies in the last week – two are in the title and the third already got its own post, which I’ll revisit (eventually). Ain’t much happenin’ these days. Both Sunshine and Moon are similar in a variety of ways – both are set in the near future and in space. Something there will solve an extinction-level event on Earth. Sunshine was directed by the guy who eventually made Slumdog Millionaire and Moon by Zowie Bowie. Now, to the detailed and divergent descriptions!

Sunshine is the older of the two movies, came out in ’07. The first thing stated in the film gives you its premise – the sun is dying. There’s no real explanation given for it in the film (though DVD extras do get into it a bit), but they have a solution: set off a giant-ass nuke inside the sun, which’ll get it working again. Perhaps not the most realistic of resolutions, but I’ll allow it. We join the nuke-ship’s crew right as they’re about to lose communication with the Earth. (Apparently they use AT&T in space! Badum cha!) Of course, things don’t go as according to plan and space hijinks ensue. The machinations of the diverse crew is the low point of the movie for me – they seem a bit irrational for the world’s brightest scientists, but maybe that’s what space does to you. The end also nearly turns into a slasher film, which is both out of place and unnecessary. A more elegant obstacle should’ve been determined. But it’s not terrible; the film has some excellent visual effects and the soundtrack is amazing. Seriously, listen to this song and tell me it’s not awesome. (Confession: I first heard it in Kick-Ass, so maybe that’s influencing me.) If you’re a big soundtrack buff, definitely check it, or any other of John Murphy’s work out. Cillian Murphy was also great playing the lead, along with a surprisingly strong performance from Chris Evans. The smaller parts were OK, but didn’t really add anything to the film. Overall a decent film, but you might just be better off just watching either version of Solaris instead.

Moon came out last year, winning some little random awards in the process. Mostly independent film stuff, meaning it could be entertaining or super douchey. My only background knowledge before watching the film was that it’s basically Sam Rockwell goin’ stir-crazy after being on the moon alone for three years. I’d watch Sam Rockwell do anything, aside from maybe my sister. He’s there to mine a type of helium that has apparently solved the Earth’s energy crisis. Why it’s all done with one dude I don’t know, but the Evil Corporation behind it all makes it work. Unsurprisingly, Sam can’t communicate live with the Earth anymore, instead relying on taped transmissions; the first real conflict in the movie. There’s very little else I can say about the plot that doesn’t give too much away, but it was both unique and unexpected. That could easily make for a bit of an outlandish movie, but it ended up both entertaining and mildly thought-provoking. Visual effects were a bit primitive if cartoonish at points, but worked well enough to tell the story. Nothing noteworthy in terms of the soundtrack, but wasn’t bad.

Moon was easily the better film. Went somewhere I wasn’t expecting and still turned out pretty cool. Sunshine was OK, it’s a decent movie to watch if nothing else is on. It tried to be something deep, especially with its final scene, but just didn’t get it done. If you’re a big space nerd, I’d check them both out, if not – go with Moon.


2 Responses to “UTR Movies: SunshineMoon

  1. Nice, you know I’m a big soundtrack fan so I’m all over this. The main chord progression on that Sunshine song is one of the most common movie soundtracky progressions I can think of. You can sing the main choruses (albeit at messed up slow speeds) of Poker Face, Kids, Apologize… and a million other popular songs… with the Sunshine tune as a backdrop. I’m doing it now. Duuuuude, spacey!

    P.S. I saw “Moon” and thought this was going to be about “New Moon.” But anyway.

    • Ooh, I like singing things places they don’t belong. I’mma try that out, in between playin’ my T-Swift songs. Fuckin’ guitar parts are hurting my goddamn fingers.

      And I’ve yet to watch any of the Twilight films. As great a location they’d provide to snatch up 12 year olds, I just can’t get over how shitty they are. Maybe if I have a real downer of a day sometime I’ll watch one. Though that may backfire.

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