I Still Suck At The Guitar

As this video now proves.

It does show I’m a great singer, so there’s that. I do have a confession though, this was done on take two. I know, I know, I expected to nail it on the first run too, but the camera fell over. It couldn’t handle how good I sounded, especially after so little practice. I only played through the song like forty five times. That’s only a few, right?

But seriously, fuckin’ oww. Goddamn pinky and ring finger had to hold down the same friggan notes the entire song, which ended up being kinda painful. Not something I’d anticipated. I should probably start peeing on my fingertips. You can probably hear me whimper if you listen closely enough, though that may be dangerous. Listening to it more than once can cause birth defects. Not in an unborn child mind you, but in the listener. That’s how bad it is.

Oh, and as you may have seen, I shot the video shirtless. This was to attract more of my target demographic – deaf homosexual males. Hopefully that, and the bukkake tag I gave it, will work.

And again, like I said before, I take requests. Preferably add, “DANCE MONKEY, DANCE!” at the end of whatever you suggest, it’ll make it feel more authentic.

Instant edit – Holy fuck, the video already has one view. This is not good. Here’s to hoping I get to 500,000 like this one. She’s not even playing the right forms of the chords. Bitch.

Oh, oh, oh and please rate it thumbs down. I’d like a full -100% rating, if possible.


6 Responses to “I Still Suck At The Guitar”

  1. daniel coventry Says:

    is it just me or does the sofa and blanks on it appear to be covered in crusty white stains?


    A. This is disturbing and terrible.
    B. Where’s your Mass accent.
    C. One more like that and I’m moving to Boston to become a groupie.

    • Yeah, apparently playing the guitar makes your traps look huge. Who knew?

      A) Disturbing? Guess it is in a certain light. But yeah, definitely terrible.

      B) It’s there, kinda. My guitaaaaah… I have an idea for another post that might show it off a bit more. Though it might involve me crashing my car, so hopefully that doesn’t happen.

      C) I’ve had requests for like, the entire TSwift catalog already. Don’t know if I can do it.

  3. Stephanie Says:

    HAHAHAHAHA I was just going to ask if this is the infamous jerking off couch
    I thought you liked miley cyrus you should play something of her’s next

    • They all are. If it’s in my house, it’s been jerked off on.

      And sounds like another request. I’ll see what I can do, though I may space these out a bit.

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