The Perfect Woman

Is one that just turned 18 and can’t talk.

Now, I’m no George Lopez fan – more like the farthest thing from it. But it’s great that the first thing he mentions is that she just turned 18. No mention of not being able to talk in that li’l intro. He brings it up again about two minutes in and again like thirty seconds later. The rest of the interview from Lopez is a pretty standard puff-interview, reminded me a lot of Jay Leno. Who also sucks. It gets pretty funny right around the seven minute mark, but mostly because of inadequacies of the talk-box she was using.

But seriously though, I think she reached the peak of perfection in this video. (Aside from being in my trunk, of course.) Any chick that just turned 18 (while looking both 12 and 24), can’t talk and shits on Justin Bieber (four minutes in) is a winner in my book. She keeps this up and I’m gonna have to rename this blogthingy pretty soon.


2 Responses to “The Perfect Woman”

  1. She’s adorable. And you’re… even creepier than that machine voice she has to use to talk.

  2. This was you, wasn’t it? (Don’t bother asking how I found that link.)

    Excellent Chris Hansen tag.

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