Hey, I’m Back! But Not Really

Driving back after being in Syracuse for 18 hours, I decided to call the blog.

Unfortunately, it cut out waaaaaaaaaay too early – I tried setting up a podcast-type thing by adding Daniel Coventry to the call, but apparently WordPress’s audiopost feature doesn’t jive with that and cut me off. It was forty-five minutes of pretty solid banter, I’m actually pretty pissed it didn’t record. Better than Bill Simmons’s shit, I can tell you that. Might try again sometime though, it was fun.


4 Responses to “Hey, I’m Back! But Not Really”

  1. daniel coventry Says:

    we housed the homeless, cured all diseases, instituted world peace and even crafted a way for the pittsburg pirates to win the world series next year but unfortunately no one will even know

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