Lest you think I’m rubbing it in…

Daniel Coventry (xxx) xxx-xxxx – mobile
4/17/11 9:49 PM 5 months ago
Daniel Coventry: 14.5 to go! 4:42 PM
Me: Bullshit. 4:45 PM
Me: Holy fuck. “I like but I don’t like. I want this guy to get on base, hit those line drives, get those singles and those doubles. The home runs are gonna come. You gotta leave those to the big guys. Try to get that batting average up. Not necessarily hitting home runs, but getting multi-hit games.” 4:50 PM
Daniel Coventry: What who saidthat? 4:53 PM
Me: The least-deserving Hall of Fame-r in recent memory. About Jacoby. 4:55 PM
Daniel Coventry: Rice? 4:55 PM
Me: Also said he wanted him to be more like “that young man, well not so young anymore, guy out in Seattle who gonna hit 5, 6 homers a year and score 115 runs.” 4:56 PM

Daniel Coventry (xxx) xxx-xxxx – mobile
4/23/11 1:02 PM 5 months ago
Daniel Coventry: 13.5 1:45 AM

Daniel Coventry (xxx) xxx-xxxx – mobile
4/29/11 5:14 PM 4 months ago
Daniel Coventry: 12.5! 9:55 PM
Me: …? 9:56 PM
Daniel Coventry: I hope so but I know them enough to realize they probably will trade them 9:56 PM
Daniel Coventry: 12.5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9:56 PM
Me: I donut know what that means. 9:59 PM
Daniel Coventry: Think! 9:59 PM
Me: Does it have to do with the draft telecast? Not watching, driving. 10:01 PM
Daniel Coventry: Nope. Maybe check how your fantasy team did today. 10:06 PM
Me: Edwin? He pitched like shit, I know that. 10:07 PM
Me: Ooh, it’s totally team ERA. Innings? 10:15 PM
Me: Quick, phone gonna durer. 10:16 PM
Me: Durer equals die. Swype didn’t change my word. 10:16 PM
Daniel Coventry: Lester got the win today 10:19 PM
Me: Ah fuck I am sc-reeeeewed. 10:20 PM
Daniel Coventry: Hahahah I hope so! 10:21 PM

Daniel Coventry (xxx) xxx-xxxx – mobile
5/25/11 7:27 PM 4 months ago
Daniel Coventry: 15.5 – 7 = 8.5 5:38 PM
Me: If we bring it down to $200, I’ll go to Vegas. 5:41 PM
Me: And don’t you forget about that trade negotiation! 5:41 PM
Daniel Coventry: 350 and Vegas 5:56 PM
Daniel Coventry: I haven’t forgotten about the trade but I’m not in love at all really with Colby 5:56 PM
Me: My flight ain’t gonna be $50. I’m trying to come out even here. 5:56 PM
Daniel Coventry: 325 5:57 PM
Me: $250. 5:57 PM
Daniel Coventry: 350 5:57 PM
Me: Hahahh athat is one Jewy bargain you drive there. 5:58 PM
Daniel Coventry: Come on this shouldn’t be a surprise to you 5:59 PM
Me: $350 and a hooker of my choosing in Vegas. 6:00 PM
Daniel Coventry: Hookers are so expensive! 6:02 PM
Daniel Coventry: 350 and hooker of my choice! 6:03 PM
Me: Hahahha I knew you’d flip that around. $400 and an underage, white hooker! 6:03 PM
Daniel Coventry: White hooker of my choice 6:05 PM
Me: Oooooooh I almost bit on that. 6:07 PM
Me: We are bad at settling negotiations. 6:08 PM
Daniel Coventry: Cause we both want to worst for each other! 6:10 PM
Me: Correct. But then I thought I could always just sic the nasty hooker on Travis, which would totally be worth it. 6:13 PM
Daniel Coventry: What you do with the hooker isn’t my business…until I pay the hooker extra to tell me what you did to her 7:16 PM
Me: $400 bet, white, under 130 lb hooker. And it’s mostly going to involve pooping and crying. 7:18 PM

Daniel Coventry (xxx) xxx-xxxx – mobile
6/30/11 7:00 PM 2 months ago
Daniel Coventry: 5.5!!!!!!!!!!!! 4:25 PM

Daniel Coventry (xxx) xxx-xxxx – mobile
8/27/11 6:32 PM 4 weeks ago
Daniel Coventry: 1.5!!!!!!!!!!! 6:24 PM
Me: That one doesn’t fuckin’ count. 6:25 PM
Daniel Coventry: Jes it does!!!!!!!!! 6:29 PM
Me: Hey, maybe Lester can die in the hurricane. Whatta tragedy. 6:30 PM

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